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Remove Friction From Your Life

There are a myriad sources of friction in our daily lives. It is always a relief to come across a product or service that does what you want it to do and does it without grief. Come here to discover products that will reduce the friction in your life or to warn you about those with high friction factors. The focus here is to find the former. Articles will be updated periodically when I have new information to add.

About Cloudstepper

I created the title "Cloudstepper™" decades ago as I was involved in hot air ballooning, sky diving, scuba, and other feet-off-the-ground activities. I even have Cherokee blood to add to its legitimacy (smile). But my nom de plume took on a new meaning as I became involved in early cloud-based application development BTW (before the Web). An electrical engineer, my career spans work on Atlas-Centaur rockets, a government intelligence agency, and a lot of effort in the development of cloud-based collaboration services.


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