Fiber Optic 7' Christmas Tree with Multicolor LED Lights and Stand

Fiber Optic 7' Christmas Tree with Multicolor LED Lights and Stand

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When shopping for a new Christmas tree, we were looking for:

  • A smaller footprint than normal so it would fit in the desired space.
  • Either not pre-lit or having LED lighting (for power savings and more attractive lights).
  • Fiber optic lighting would be a plus.
  • Full and attractive branches.

There are a lot of choices but few that meet these requirements. A relative owns a tree that is thin and attractive, but we cannot find one like it from any source. I found "pencil trees" but seeing them in person...they are very lame.

We checked a number of brick and mortar stores as well as online selections. This tree met almost all of our requirements and cost significantly less than similar trees  that only have conventional lighting.

It is much easier to set up than our old unlit tree which we now set out on our front porch. That tree requires every branch to be installed individually and comes in a very large box, yet it is not that much larger than this one.  This tree has two sections that are stacked together onto a stand (included) and the branches are simply pulled down. Easy.

This tree came with two setup guides: one printed and one pictorial. The latter was easy to follow (and wasn't needed anyway).

I review a number of products made in China. I have always wondered why those manufacturers never use native English speakers to write their English manuals. In some cases (for which the manual is helpful to have), this would make a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

However, for this product, it would have been helpful to have instructions on what the lighting controls do, especially since there are two controls. It was bewildering for awhile to try to get a setting as close as possible to what we really want. But lighting controller documentation, for some unfathomable reason, is completely missing. It is not available online either. I called Best Choice Products and was told that no support is available since I purchased the tree from Amazon. An Amazon rep was not pleased to hear that and emailed the manufacturer to get the desired answers.

Meanwhile, experimenting uncovered these results:

  1. The button at the base of the tree on the small controller box controls the LED lights. Each click cycles through 6 settings. Most of the settings trigger flashing arrangements that scream "Eat at Joes!". There is one setting that keeps the LED lights on solid. Another has a slow blink that is not bad.
  2. The button on the power cord controls the fiber option lights, each click offering a different type and speed of flashing.


  1. The tree comes in two sections, each with it's own fiber optic light source. The two fiber optic light sources have different color LEDs that come on and flash in different patterns which is transmitted through the fiber optic straws throughout their respective sections of the tree. Unfortunately,
    • those two light sources are not kept in sync, so the lighting is not consistent in both sections.
    • there is no option to keep the fiber optic lights steady. This is not as serious to me since I like seeing the fiber optic lights slowly change colors (when the setting is for slow changes).
  2. The LED lights are very bright. That is simply the nature of LED lights...a crisp bright color. The lighting controller allows them to fade on and off at different speeds, so I wish there was a setting that would allow them to stay on constantly at a lower brightness.

The above issues could be dealt with easily if the manufacturer would do so. Still, this tree is best meets what we looked for. We are pleased with it. Its box is less than half the size of our old tree yet it is a nice, full size. I like the low power consumption and crisp lighting that LEDs provide. I like the fiber optic effect and that comes essentially free with this tree. More expensive trees have more realistic looking branch materials, but this one is sufficiently realistic for us. It even comes with an attached tree-topper lit star that is a conventional star shape (i.e., not gaudy).