La-Z-Boy Shane Recliner Rocker

La-Z-Boy Shane Recliner Rocker

Friction Factor = HIGH FRICTION

Update May 11, 2019

Apparent success…finally! I spoke with the general manager for our local La-Z-Boy store and told him our experience with this product (purchased from his store long ago but having never involved him with the customer support/repair issues). He took it into his own hands and arranged for another repair visit. The same parts were replaced but the technician noticed a couple of issues that may not have been fixed in the earlier multiple visits. Whatever he did, we have not had the problem recur in the two weeks since the repair. Every time before, the problem came back within a couple of hours or less. So, after all this time, the most irritating problems may be resolved…almost eight years after purchase.

Update June 11, 2015

A few weeks ago the base was replaced. Alas, it did not solve the problem. 

Update April 25, 2015

On March 25th I called again. From Christina to Jill (supervisor), then to Casandra, I was promised that a technician would come out again and that Jill would call back to follow up on what La-Z-Boy would do to finally get this resolved. Somebody tried to call on Apr 12, a Sunday when I was not in. I emailed and got back this response from Maribeth W.: "I am sorry that we tried to reach out to you on a day that you prefer not to take calls." And then no further attempt. Neither Jill nor Casandra has called back as promised. Meanwhile the noise is getting worse and La-Z-Boy is unresponsive.

In our home we have two couches, two recliner rockers, a recliner, and an ottoman from La-Z-Boy. I won't buy another La-Z Boy product. This is why.

In December 2011 we purchased a Shane Recliner Rocker by La-Z-Boy. It is very attractive, fits us very well, and is extremely comfortable. However... as we have used it, there have been problems that could not be resolved by La-Z-Boy.


Please see the photographs below for the first two problems. A recording is provided for the third problem.

1. Low quality arm rest padding. Where I rest my elbows, the padding has compressed and will not decompress. I reported the problem and a service person was assigned to investigate. He arranged for a replacement arm rest to be ordered (the side with the worst of the problem). He said that he was instructed by La-Z-Boy to inform customers who experience this problem that we shouldn't rest our arms in the same place all the time or too much. Huh? I have found myself awkwardly pulling my arms in to my sides off of the arm rests. I regularly try to "fluff up" the padding to no avail. It took several months for the replacement arm rest to arrive. Within a couple off months, it too had "deflated." I should add that my arms are very ordinary in size and weight.

2. Leather dye coming off. In a few places, especially where my head rests on the back of the recliner, the dye is wearing off, exposing the lighter natural leather color beneath. Another service person ordered a replacement back. After several months it arrived but it does not fix the problem.

3. Noise and fanny popping. Most irritating of the problems is the constant popping of the springs in the swivel base. It is disruptive to rest and it is very irritating. Service persons have been to our home three times to investigate and to try to fix the problem. They have been unsuccessful. I've been instructed to be very careful to sit in the center of the chair and to rock straight back and forth (both of which I do, but now I have to be conscious of my rocking motions?).

For the third visit I was informed that my rocker was out of warranty. I pointed out that this was a problem that has continued from the time I purchased the rocker (spring noise) and it was never resolved. Therefore, we're still working on a fix that dated from when it was covered by warranty. Incredibly the customer service person, Eric, insisted that he would only send a service tech if I paid for the visit. After requesting an escalation of the call several times, he finally relented. The call was finally escalated to Jesse (I think), a "specialist," who also tried to refuse further service but finally agreed to send out a service tech "just one more time."

New base hardware was ordered and actually arrived in a short time. When a service person arrived to replace the hardware, he seemed to take substantive repair action (the first one to do so). He was aware of this problem in La-Z-Boy recliners and attempted to adjust the springs in the hope of solving the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

Later... It has bothered me that the problem would not happen except mildly when the service technician was present. I chocked it up to a Murphy strike. But it does seem that the problem, for reasons unknown right now, is worse at night.


So as my arms sink into the arm rests and dye rubs into the back of my head, I watch my favorite shows accompanied by regular fanny popping (that is with one "o" and two "p's"). During action movies it feels like I'm right there in the scene.

As I've visited friends and family, I've taken special note of their recliner rockers and haven't noticed the spring popping in any of them.

In the top photo below is how the replacement arm rest is already compressing again. It had gotten much worse with the original.