Tennessee, Lebanon: Comfort Suites


904 Murfreesboro Road
Lebanon, TN 37090

(615) 443-0027 

2013-09-25 Lebanon TN Comfort Suites (hotel 1)

Something was going on in Tennessee as we passed through. Properties we would have normally looked for were fully booked. Fall leaves had not yet started changing, so I guess it was just the amazing September weather. We needed an intermediate rest stop on our way to Pigeon Forge. Lebanon was positioned at a good stopping point. We had not tried a Comfort Suites (a Choice Hotels property), but information about it online made it seem like a good place to go.

A BIG RESERVATION ABOUT THIS HOTEL: We just about left immediately when we entered our room and were overwhelmed by the powerful odor of strong cleaning chemicals. But the brands we sought out were unavailable. So we opened the door and tried to air it out, but we were never all that successful. Fortunately, nostalgic fatigue set in and a couple of Aleve mostly took care of our headaches.

The pool was clean. We slept fairly restfully in spite of a rather noisy wall a/c unit. The desk had easily accessible power outlets. But there were no easily accessible power outlets at the side tables on each side of the bed. I had to pull out a side table and unplug the clock.

A free breakfast is included but it had powdered eggs, sausage of unknown meat origin, and not much to choose from.

We will look for a different property if we return to this area.

September 2013 Lebanon TN Comfort Suites

September 2013 Lebanon TN Comfort Suites

September 2013   Lebanon TN Comfort Suites

September 2013 Lebanon TN Comfort Suites