Maryland, Bethesda: Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn Bethesda MD

7301 Waverly Street
Bethesda, Maryland, 20814
(301) 654-8111

Friction Factor = MEDIUM FRICTION
Value = RECOMMENDED with cautions

We and others in our family stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Bethesda to attend our niece's wedding the day after Christmas. Driving to Washington was a different way to spend Christmas, but it was for a very good purpose. She and her family are worth any drive, any effort.

Our first impression at the hotel was one of frustration. When I drove into the underground parking garage I must have missed a sign to turn into a parking area that was right next to the entrance to the hotel. From where we ended up there were no directions on how to get to the hotel (or even to find an entrance into the building served by the parking garage which includes more than just the hotel). So I called the front desk to get directions and followed those directions precisely. Alas, I ended up at an entrance with two turns and no directions. Following one path and meandering around hallways for an extended walk, worried about my 80 year old mother-in-law who was following behind with my wife and additional luggage, I finally ended up in the right area but on the wrong floor. I could see over a balcony to the hotel lobby below. I would have preferred directions to just park in the right place.

Getting past that experience, our room was very nice. I normally avoid hotel wifi because of the security risk, but on Christmas day with not many guests around, that seemed less likely to be a problem. However, the Internet connection did not work until tech support got involved.

The work desk in our room was too tall for comfortable typing. It did offer convenient power access from the desk lamp's base and a good office chair. 

It is important to me to have power outlets within reach at each side of the bed so I can plug in my cell phone at night, keeping it at my side. There were the desired power outlets but the one on my side did not work.

I was pleased to have a nice flat shelf in the shower. Far too few hotels have this.

The $15 breakfast was ok—basically a somewhat upgraded Best Western Plus breakfast that is complimentary at BW.

We found it humorous that the tiny swimming pool in its tiny room had a life guard. But the reason is probably not humorous.

In general, though, we found the room to be comfortable and an enjoyable stay at the hotel.