New Mexico, Albuquerque: Best Western Plus Executive Suites

Best Western Plus Executive Suites: Albuquerque, New Mexico

4630 Pan American Freeway NE
Albuquerque NM 87109
(505) 830-0900

visited September 2013

Friction Factor = SOME FRICTION
but concerns

On our road trip to Oklahoma we decided to take a "side trip" to New Mexico to see my old stomping grounds from over a half century ago. The Best Western Plus Executive Suites was convenient to the places we wanted to see so we made reservations there including a diamond upgrade. The upgrade choices were for a balcony suite or a Jacuzzi suite. We would normally choose a balcony suite if there is a view, but told most people reserved those rooms so they could smoke on the balcony we instead chose the Jacuzzi suite. You have got to see the photo below. We could not believe it when we walked into the room and found this huge Jacuzzi/shower sitting right next to our bed.

Actually, our first impression was seeing that every room has a window to the hallway! That is completely unique...and for a reason. What normal human being would ever want curtains open to the hallway? Did the hotel architect want to give guests a scenic view into the hallway wall opposite the window? Or so guests could wave to strangers as they walk by? We made sure our curtains were firmly closed.

I called the front desk with a question and got a phone screech in my ear. Not a pleasant start to our stay.

This suite has a separate room (a true suite) with couch and desk. The desk and chair were nice, including convenient power outlets on the lamp and wall. I tried the hotel WiFi but could not get the password to work. No problem for me since I prefer to use the secure connection that comes from turning my Android phone into a WiFi access point.

Then I discovered that there were no accessible power outlets on either side of the bed.

There was little sound insulation, so when our neighbor was in his restroom we heard it all.

The wall a/c unit was keep-awake noisy and blows right across the bed with no way to redirect the air flow. I wish more Best Western Plus hotels had central air.

Breakfast was nice, albeit no room to sit, so we ate in the foyer until a table became free. It was nice to have a nice staff member in the breakfast room who fixed made to order eggs.

The front desk person told me that the Sandia Peak Tramway was four miles away. I'm glad we planned for extra time because it was actually ten miles away in heavy traffic.

Albuquerque Attactions

Sandia Peak Tramway

As a boy my family would drive up the winding path to Sandia Peak and enjoy the vista of Albuquerque below. I had to relive the peak experience, but today there is a tramway that offers a beautiful 20-minute ride to the peak. In some places along the tramway it is a 9 second drop. We went up in the afternoon and returned at night...a great way to do it.

At the top, during dinner a hang glider leaped off the mountain and headed off for the Albuquerque valley.

High Finance Restaurant

At the top is the High Finance restaurant, proclaiming itself as the finest restaurant in the southwest. Indeed, we enjoyed one of the best meals we've had anywhere. The bacon-wrapped pork loin with pineapple shallot reduction was prepared to perfection.

Click an image to see a larger view.

Old Town Albuquerque:

We were privileged to meet three of the remaining Navajo Code Talkers