South Carolina, North Myrtle Beach: SeaSide Resort

The SeaSide Resort: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2301 South Ocean Boulevard
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 

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North Myrtle Beach in the Fall

When we were at North Myrtle Beach this past spring we were walking along the beach and saw SeaSide. It looked very appealing so we went in and got a key to view an available three-bedroom corner unit. We were very impressed. We also learned that their off-season rates are very reasonable, so we looked forward to coming back to SeaSide in the fall.

2011-September, SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach

2011-September, SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach

SeaSide is tall enough and the buildings around it short enough that on the upper floors you can see not just the beach and ocean, but all across the forested community behind the resort—a very beautiful view.

It seems to be a common practice in the Myrtle Beach area for hotels and resorts to sell individual units as condos and then rent them out for the owners as if they were hotel rooms. That is the case here. And unlike beach cottage rentals at places like Holden Beach, the rooms are available on a daily basis instead of just weekly. The actual accommodations in each unit differ and the state of maintenance in each unit varies.

Our Visit

I would first say that we very much enjoyed our stay here. The large living space, large kitchen, nice balcony, and especially the full two-wall expansive tinted windows on the corner units with their wonderful view is very, very nice. The big master bathroom has a large whirlpool tub. Add to that a large well maintained and clean outdoor pool with comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas, a covered pool, a small lazy river, two hot tubs, a nicely appointed exercise room, and a large parking deck, and you have the makings for a relaxing stay.

I cannot say enough positive things about the view from the rooms at SeaSide. It is magnificent. As we walked along the beach we wondered why everyone doesn't offer such a grand benefit. Instead, we were surprised at the tiny windows at almost all the other complexes along the beach.

This hotel looks solid and those big thick tinted windows are hurricane strength. We would have no worries about staying here during a hurricane.

It may seem a small thing, but we were also impressed with the abundance of towels (nice quality towels) provided.

There are five levels of parking below the living space at SeaSide. So even the "bottom" floor has a good view of the beach and the ocean without the view being blocked by the protective dunes.

The incredible panoramic view from our south facing wall-sized windows allows us to see all the way to Myrtle Beach. At night we enjoy watching the color changes of the Skywheel off in the distance and the occasional fireworks.

Unfortunately, there is a serious issue, readily correctable, that prevents me from fully recommending SeaSide: intense chemical smells. Stepping into the elevator you are overwhelmed with a sharp cleaning agent chemical smell that is so strong it should be visible in the air. Those chemicals are also used when cleaning the rooms. For some this may just be a nuisance or not an issue. But many people, including several in my family, are highly sensitive to some scents including those of the chemicals involved here. It triggers migraine headaches and severe illness. For the health of some in our party we had to ask for maid service to be stopped. The elevators could not be avoided...too many floors, so those affected had to try to hold their breath. When I called to inquire about it, I was further astounded at the response. I was told that if they do not clean with their scented products, guests complain about rooms not smelling fresh. It's as if there's only two choices, unsanitary smell or killer chemical plant smell. They seemed completely unaware that there could be any problem or that it could possibly be different at any other hotel.

Parking: It is a great luxury to have a parking deck like the one at SeaSide. But trying to navigate this parking deck is an interesting experience. Circling the levels, the turns are too tight for a minivan, so three-point-turns are required at every half level turn. However, there are mirrors to see if another car is coming so you can go wide for more turning room. Also, between every two parking spaces is a wall. Not just load bearing pillars, but walls. And each parking space is very narrow. So you may be able to carefully pull into a parking space, you just can't easily get out of the car. Backing out in a large vehicle also requires skill. Still, it is a solid, clean, and well-lit parking deck.

Room condition: The unit we toured last spring was well maintained. The three bedroom unit we were assigned for our fall stay was mildly frayed...enough to be noticeable. One couch sags downhill, small carpet bubbles, a squealing kitchen faucet, broken sink stoppers, uncomfortable pillows...relatively minor to moderate issues as beach visits go. Fewer problems than what you'd see at many of the nicer beach cottages. Beach rental properties typically have more than normal maintenance issues. Our stay here was very comfortable so long as we kept away the chemical smells, at least in our unit.

Breakfast: If you read my series of articles on Best Western hotels, you'll see my comment that the free breakfast they provide is fine as a light breakfast if you are not expecting a restaurant meal. I found it fascinating that the breakfast provided to guests at the much higher end SeaSide Resort is not as good as a Best Western breakfast, and SeaSide charges a full restaurant price as an optional service add-on.

Washer/dryer: The unit comes with a washer/dryer, a very welcome addition for a beach vacation.

The Beach: We love the beach here. It is very flat and broad. There are many more people here than at a family beach like Holden Beach; however, because we're here in the off-season the crowds are small. Unlike Holden Beach which faces south, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach face southeast, so the rising sun shines on the balcony all the way into mid-afternoon. For one who likes to spend his time on a shaded deck (or balcony in this case) reading a book to the sounds of the ocean, that is a problem. Sun lovers will love it.

General manager unavailable: I tried to get more information, but I never got a return call from the general manager.

2011-09-25 North Myrtle Beach
SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach (stock photo)
SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach (stock photo)
SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach (stock photo)
SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach (stock photo)
SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach (stock photo)
SeaSide, North Myrtle Beach (stock photo)


Exploring Myrtle Beach

Lights of The Wheel reflecting off glass of nearby building

Lights of The Wheel reflecting off glass of nearby building