South Carolina, North Myrtle Beach: Best Western Ocean Sands Beach Resort

Best Western Ocean Sands Beach Resort: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1525 S Ocean Boulevard
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
(843) 272-6101

visited spring 2011

Friction Factor = HIGH FRICTION

We stayed here in the spring of 2011, off season. We thoroughly enjoyed North Myrtle Beach, especially this time of year when the beach and roads are not crowded. That is the good news. Now let's consider the hotel. Keep in mind that it is NOT a Plus version of Best Western.

The first thing you notice is the parking. There isn't any. And when you do manage to get your car into a slot, good luck getting out again without whacking a pillar, a luggage cart, or a hotel guest (bonus points if you get all three). You can park in a small plain unsecured lot across the street.

In the lobby you'll find friendly staff and the typically decent Best Western breakfast room.

On the way to your room, if you need a luggage cart as we did for our group of four, the path to the room will make you think you were entered into a reality TV show along the lines of The Amazing Race. Your challenge is to discover a path into the tiny outdoor elevator foyer, get your cart into that foyer without letting it tip over, somehow managing to open the door and pull the cart through at the same time, figure out how to get the cart into the elevator with no room to maneuver and with everyone else standing outside because there is no room in the foyer for the cart and people, and then somehow get the cart out of the elevator. Rolling it to your room is then pretty normal.

Getting into and out of your room: Would you expect this to be a challenge? These rooms have a dangerously high door threshold. I kept slamming my foot on the threshold, almost scoring a face plant after a one and a half gainer. This is especially pleasant when barefoot or in sandals (this is a beach property).

Cleanliness is not this hotel's forte. Of course, this is typical of lower cost beach front hotels. That's not to say it's bad. We had a clean bed and slept well.

We stayed in their Executive Two Room Suite, a free upgrade for my diamond status. This room comes with certain unusual amenities. The air conditioning unit strives hard to be loud enough so you don't have to worry about maintaining your end of pesky conversations. It even puts out an odor that encourages a good game of "what is that smell?" It comes with a tiny kitchenette that had its most recent thorough cleaning a few decades ago. The second room has an uncomfortable work table and chair, a couch, coffee table, and small balcony. Sit in the couch and get an extended stay; you'll never get out of it.

The free Internet access worked reasonably well...for three minutes of our three day stay. I reported the problem to the front desk and they later reported that it had been fixed. I suppose that would be true if you brought a directional antenna so you could pick up a signal from a neighboring hotel.

My in-laws were isolated to their room, being unable to go out and enjoy the balcony because smoking is allowed on the balconies. So their neighbor's smoke wafted directly onto their balcony every day.

Counterpoint One of our sons stayed here at the Ocean Sands the year before and he and his wife enjoyed their stay.