Texas, Hereford: Best Western Red Carpet Inn

Best Western Red Carpet Inn: Hereford, Texas

830 W 1st Street
Hereford, TX, 79045
(806) 364-0540

visited September 2013

Friction Factor = SOME FRICTION
(if you can handle the smell of Hereford)

We learned that one should never plan to stay in a town named after a cow. The smell struck us from over 20 miles away from the cattle processing plants all around Hereford, Texas. I'm not talking about farm cattle smells. I've spent a lot of time on farms and I like that smell. I'm talking about a water-your-eyes-and-keel-over odor. By the time it struck it was too late to close off outside air in our car. We got a late start from Carlsbad Caverns and had driven for hours across the most desolated country we've ever seen in the U.S.

The Red Carpet Inn is an old motel, not a hotel, with outside doors. The bathroom fan rattled loudly. But the bed was Best Western comfortable and we slept well. Then we opened the door to go to breakfast and about fell over from the smell. There are no words to describe it. It is just awful.