Texas, Austin: The Westin at The Domain

The Westin Austin at The Domain

11301 Domain Drive
Austin, Texas, 78758
(512) 832-4197

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION
Value = RECOMMENDED with a caution

I stayed at this hotel in August 2014 for a quick business trip. The Westin Austin at The Domain is a high end property with the luxuries expected from a Westin (and associated cost...for every service). It may not be an MGM Grand or Signature, but the experience is definitely up-scale.

My room was quite comfortable. Quality bed, comfortable desk and office chair, and convenient audio/video connections.

I was very surprised that there were no power outlets on the side tables or lamps at each side of the bed. I like to have my cell phone charging at my side overnight. 

Two bottles of water are provided in the room for those who are members of their rewards program. A minimal but appreciated courtesy.

While I found the hotel to be very nice, my opinion of the experience was skewed by my wallet being stolen. That is a first for me so I got to "enjoy" learning all about freezing credit cards, getting a replacement driver's license and other documents, and figuring out how to get home.

If you lose your wallet while traveling:  My TSA Pre-check experience (which harks back to the days before the damned terrorists changed our lives) immediately devolved into total inconvenience and delay. Anticipating this, I arrived much earlier at the airport. The TSA security officer was kind and professional, but the situation was what it was. I discovered that if I had had printed copies of my hotel receipt, a prescription bottle with my name, a magazine with my name and address, driver's license and/or passport and with particular interest in my social security card...who carries their SSN card around these days?... (obviously stored separately), some TSA grief would have been alleviated. Electronic copies count for nothing, so having photos of my documents on my phone made no difference. I was asked about my address and that of other family members. After a lengthy wait while TSA did whatever it is they do to get comfortable with me living where I say I live and being who I say I am and reluctantly deciding that I am not a terrorist, I was allowed the privilege of a full body search (clothed happily, sans shoes, belt) coupled with explosives residue inspection of my person and my carry-on luggage. Finally on to my flight with the remaining grief to follow.

Local Eats

During our business meeting, one of the participants recommended a popular hole-in-the-wall, Torchy's Tacos (I visited the one at 4211 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759). What a great recommendation! I believe they are the best tacos I've ever eaten. Good luck on finding seating at lunch. Fortunately there were two of us so, while waiting in the fairly long line, I grabbed a table when it emptied.


I did not get a photo of the restaurant, "urban - an American grill," on property where we ate, so that photo below is a stock photo from the hotel site.