Virginia, Williamsburg: Best Western Plus Historic Area Inn

Best Western Plus Historic Area Inn: Williamsburg, Virginia

201 Bypass Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 220-0880

Friction Factor = HIGH FRICTION

We had high hopes when we first arrived at this hotel. The drive in to Williamsburg was through a beautiful forest. Arriving at the hotel, its view gave promise as one that was a "real" Plus site. That impression continued as we entered the hotel and made our way to our room. Its location is convenient to historic Williamsburg and a tremendous selection of restaurants. So we began our visit to Williamsburg with high anticipation. Historic Williamsburg lived up to our expectations; we had a wonderful visit there over the next two days. The hotel did not meet our expectations.

The first indicator of trouble was finding the light switch for the bathroom. See the photo below. You must reach behind the refrigerator/coffee credenza past plugged-in power cables to get to the switch. Who does this?

When I set up my computer, the desk was missing the usual Best Western lamp with power outlets in its base. Instead I found a power outlet on the wall behind a chair that was wedged in between the desk and wall. I had to move the desk to get the chair out (does the hotel management think any guest will actually sit in that chair where it is placed?) and then perform a circus act to get my computer power cord plugged in. The "desk" table was too high and the "office chair" was not an office chair (nor was it comfortable to work from).

I was unable to get a good Verizon signal at times for my broadband internet connection, but it turned out that the hotel's internet connection was even more unreliable.

That afternoon as we tried to rest, hotel maid service workers were calling out loudly to each other down the hall.

That evening we looked forward to a relaxing Jacuzzi and nearly found ourselves relaxing in a hospital bed (which, in hindsight would have been more comfortable than here). When we turned on the Jacuzzi jets a cloud of chlorine gas came up and started choking us and burning our throats before we could get out. I reported it and the next evening, instead of it being fixed, the Jacuzzi was shut down. Sigh.

The bathroom layout was very poor. One has to bend over the toilet and reach across to get to the water controls (our room was an "upgrade" to one with a Jacuzzi tub). When taking a shower I wondered why the water pressure was so poor. Looking down I discovered that more water was pouring out of the extender pipe (to get the spout over the Jacuzzi tub) than was going up the shower. When brushing my teeth I had trouble bending over the sink because it was installed so high and protruded so far.

It was disconcerting to see holes and stains in the bed sheets.

But the problem that rose above all others to trigger the rating given to this hotel was its pillows. The too small pillows had been laundered many times, the stuffing balled up into a gazillion small knots. I could not sleep. Finally at 2am I walked my pillow to the front desk to get replacements, but they had none. I was even told that these are the "standard pillows used at all Best Westerns." If that were true, there would be none of these articles because I would never stay at a BW. Most fortunately, that is not the case.

A very unsatisfactory stay.