Dr.Meter Moisture Sensor Meter, Soil Water Monitor

Dr.Meter Moisture Sensor Meter, Soil Water Monitor

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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

I received this product for review.

This soil tester is sturdy and well constructed. I worried about pushing it into hard soil, but it was no problem. I just held the rod to ensure it would not bend while pushing it in.

This device measures, in order of my perceived usefulness, PH, moisture, temperature, and ambient light. The first thing one must be concerned about with a measurement instrument like this is whether it produces accurate, consistent results.

I tested PH results using of solutions of water with a known PH (acidic, basic, and neutral) soaked into a clean paper towel. The results were accurate. The resolution (.5) is not high, but it is adequate. My garden, which tends to be a little basic, was confirmed to still be so.

The moisture reading seemed to adjust reasonably as I slowly added water to a pail of potting soil.

Temperature readings are accurate within about 3 degrees. At first I thought it give unexpectedly high results, but when I double-checked with another thermometer, the results were consistent. It takes quite a bit of time for the reading to stabilize (about two minutes).

I don't understand the inclusion of the light meter since that is pretty obvious visually.

Summary: I am pleased with this device and will continue to use it. the pH meter is particularly helpful.