Esky Solar Powered Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights

Esky Solar Powered Outdoor Hummingbird, Butterfly & Dragonfly Solar Garden Stake Lights

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After using these lights for several months, all but one stopped working. I cleaned the solar panel covers, but no joy.

Simple, pretty, and entrancing--like watching a campfire, Our grandchildren love to watch these solar powered stake lights as they slowly transition across the spectrum of colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, red, purple... Minor issues: There is very little friction grip to hold the two stake sections together or to keep the insect tops in place. Once they are in place they do fine, assuming grandchildren fingers do not get too curious. A dab of glue can take care of this easily. The other issue is the switch. It is covered with a rubber-like cap to make it waterproof. But it can pull out making it mushy to turn the switch on and off. You may need a thin, dull edge (like a nail file) to push on the edges of the rubber to get them back in place. But once they are on, just keep them on. They go off automatically during the day or when they lose their charge. Simple solution. Meanwhile the price is low, they are enjoyable to watch and they can mark a path or add interest to a garden area.