Esky 2 Pack 18W Cree Spot LED Work Light

Esky 2 Pack 18W Cree Spot LED Work Light Bar

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List Price:    $199.99
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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

These lights, provided for review, compare well to similar products available in this price range. 

First impression is good. They appear to be solidly built and ready to live up to the specified IP67 qualification.

Test Rig

I don't have an SUV or boat to install them on, so I bolted both lights to a short board mounted on a tripod, resulting in a quick but functional shop light.

One of the four bolt holes that is used to join the light to the pivoting mount is aligned with the power cable, so it was somewhat difficult to tighten that bolt. After getting the bolts tightened, the resulting mount is very sturdy. These lights should stand up to some punishment.

Not pictured: the power cable leads are approx 8 inches.

I soldered the power cables together and powered them from a freshly charged lead-acid marine battery. I used this light over the next hour to plant my garden (which would have been done during the day had I not been working instead on these

Testing the lights

Power input and an issue resolved: when cold, the lights together draw 2.6 amps @ 13 volts = 33.8 watts total or 16.9 watts each (about 75LM/W if it is meeting the specified lumens). Warmed up (and they get pretty hot) they were drawing 2.3 amps @ 12.8 volts = 29.4 watts total = 14.7 watts each. Then I noticed that the lights were mounted so that the channels between the cooling fins pointed sideways, parallel to the ground. I rotated the lights so that the fin channels are vertical. That allows more airflow as the warm air was able to rise more efficiently through the cooling fins. Over the next 15 minutes the case cooled noticeably in this new orientation and the power draw (and associated brightness) went back up to approx. 16 watts each. Control circuitry automatically reduces brightness to keep the temperature down. You may need a breeze or a fan to maintain full luminosity over an extended period of use.

Meanwhile, be sure to mount the lights with the channels between the cooling fins oriented vertically.

Having a specified color temperature of 6000K, the light appears to be on the cool side of neutral. Most of the light is thrown in a more-or-less 45 degree cone relative to the row of LEDs. I don't have a way to accurately measure the light output but both lights combined seem to be a little less than a known 3500LM flashlight I have on hand. So the specified output of 1260 lumens each seems accurate.


Unusually, lifespan of these LEDs is not specified...maybe because LED lifespans are so long anyway. You can pay four times as much to get higher end Cree LEDs with better cooling (keeping brightness maximum over an extended period), higher efficiency (on the order of 88 LM/W) and color temperature closer to neutral. But for the price, these Esky lights are a good bargain.