iClever 48W 9.6A 4-Port USB Car Charger with SmartID Technology

iClever 48W 9.6A 4-Port USB Car Charger with SmartID Technology

From the product page on Amazon.com:
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After more usage of this charger and the other iClever USB chargers reviewed, I have to downgrade my rating. On long trips I discovered that these chargers are unable to charge my LG G2 Android phone when I have Google Maps running with GPS plus Bluetooth and data. The charging current cannot keep up with the power being used. If I go into airplane mode it starts charging slowly. After doing some research I decided to purchase the SCOSCHE USBC242M at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E1UWA4O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. This model works beautifully, keeping my phone fully charged while in use as described. The SCOSCHE also barely protrudes from the car's DC power outlet. I liked it so well I purchased another for my other vehicle. Two ports are sufficient for our needs.

See also my review of the iClever 3-port USB car charger. There are three differences between the two chargers:

  1. This 4-port charger has...huh...four ports instead of three.
  2. All four ports are rated at 2.4A compared to the 3-port charger which has 1 port rated at 2.4A and two at 2.1A.
  3. The four port charger is larger in all dimensions.

While it is larger than the 3-port charger, it is still smaller than the normal charger it is replacing. When a USB cable is plugged into it, the combination charger and cable head together stick out approximately the same distance; however, the the USB cable head is much smaller than the back end end of the normal charger. And the normal charger has just one charging plug. Here is a comparison photo:


If you need minimum charger size and if you are ok with two port having somewhat less charging current, then the 3-port product is an excellent choice.

If you need the ability to charge four devices at once in your vehicle and/or if you need more than one charging port that has a 10% higher charging current, and if the larger size does not matter, then this 4-port charger is an excellent choice. 

Either one beats the normal chargers hands down. You can charge more devices at once plus you can pick the desired/needed cable length for each device.

Both iClever chargers detect the charging current needed for your device and will not exceed it.

Update 21 November 2015:

I purchased a USB multimeter and tested the charging on my devices. The intelligent charging function of this charger works, limiting the charging to my devices to each of their maximum current requirements. A Samsung Galaxy S5 charged at about 1 amp, a Nexus 7 2013 at about 1.1 amp (both slightly fluctuating), and my LG G2 apparently charges in somewhat of a square wave manner, fluctuating constantly from about .5 amp to about 1 amp (with variations in that range and the average dropping after a short time of charging, more so when nearing a full charge (the latter expected). It may be that my amp meter is not updating the digital display continuously, catching the current measurement at different points of the "square" wave slopes, making it seem like the current is wildly fluctuating.