iClever 6-Port 50W 10A Fast USB Desktop Charger

iClever 6-Port 50W 10A Fast USB Desktop Charger

From the product page on Amazon.com:
List Price:    $49.99
Price:    $25.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

This iClever USB charger works as advertised. At my desk I have USB chargers for multiple devices, some shared, thus, unavailable to one device when used by another. I also have a jury rigged multi-head extension cable to provide enough outlets for my chargers. This well-built device solves that problem. It has solid construction. The only negative is almost too minor to mention, but the indicator light that shows it is plugged in and getting power is recessed must be viewed directly from the front. So...look at it from the front. As I said, very minor.

I tested this device against my branded charger for my phone. and found that the iClever charges at virtually the same speed.