iClever Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones with Microphone

iClever Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones with Microphone

From the product page on Amazon.com:
List Price:    $79.99
Price:    $56.99 & FREE Shipping

These stereo headphones are very light and have conveniently positioned controls. Earbuds in sizes small, medium and large are provided. I was pleased at how easy these are to switch out compared to most others on the market.

I also own a set of more expensive Plantronics - BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Earbud Headphones that are very similar in design to these iClever headphones. The BackBeat headphones have a different style of ear anchor that works better for my ears. With them I am able to work out for two hours and never have a problem with them falling out. The ear anchors on these iClever headphones looks like a good design that should work well, but for my ears they tend to fall out too easily.

Pairing to my mobile devices is as easy as it can be. The volume control works well and the audio is clean. Initially when I used them to watch a movie on my Nexus 7 (2013), lip syncing was slightly off...enough to be a problem. I rebooted the Nexus and tried again. Same result. Ditto when my wife did a test. I hadn't tried watching a movie using the BackBeats so I tested it with them and lip syncing worked fine. Then I tested the iClever headphones again and the lip syncing worked fine with them, too. I do not know what caused lip syncing problem. It may have simply been one of those POM (phase of the moon) problems.

My BackBeats came with a charging case which I really like a lot, but the cost was higher, too.

It is difficult to see the label that marks which headphone is for the right ear. The "R" is not in a contrasting color. But if you just remember that the right earbud is on the same side that has the controls, no problem.