iClever Magnet Car Holder for Smartphone

iClever Magnet Car Holder for Smartphone

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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

Update 23 Dec 2015: This review is for model IC-CH04. See also my review of the newer improved model IC-CH07.

I've used a few different types of phone holders in my cars and this is the first one that makes it this easy to mount and remove the phone in the holder. I was dubious about a magnetic holder, especially considering the fairly large size of my 5.2-inch LG G2 smartphone. Actually, I didn't immediately see the two metal plates that come with this holder and tried to mount the phone (which is in a silicone case). It was a rather weak hold, but I was surprised it held at all through the case. Then I found the two metal plates, one with an adhesive backing, and applied the metal plate to the inside of my phone's case. Bam! A secure hold. I've not taken it on any rough roads yet, but it is holding fine so far. The holder has adhesive on its suction grip. I'd prefer that being an option, but the extra strength is good when you're sure where you want the holder placed semi-permanently. Ok...then I actually read the instructions which say the holder can be removed even though there is adhesive on the suction piece. In fact, it says that if the adhesive gets dirty it can be cleaned and rinsed under warm water and it will retain its adhesion. I've not yet tried this, so I can't report on it yet.

The phone can swivel on the holder for extra convenience.

I like the small size and small footprint of this holder compared to others I've installed in my car.