iClever Wireless Door Bell

iClever Wireless Door Bell

From the product page on Amazon.com:
List Price:    $99.99
Price:    $22.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

Typical of iClever products, this product is attractive and built with quality.It works well and has a very long range. It worked from one end of our home to the other and is rated to work at much longer distances. It has a repertoire of 52 chime tunes including holiday varieties.

The transmitter button is small and very portable. Plus it works over a very long distance. So this product could also be used to signal for help. For example, for a family member who is ill or otherwise bedridden, or for a child who has a problem at night...

As I cycled through the chime tunes at the factory-set volume level, many of the tunes had a rather harsh sound. Turning the volume down some solved this and it was still reasonably loud.I found myself wishing I could go backward as well as cycling forward through the tunes. The steps needed to review the tunes and set one are not difficult but seem more awkward than they need to be. Instead of just pushing a button to cycle up and down and leaving it where desired, it is necessary to push and hold one button to activate review mode, another button to cycle, finished with a press of the transmitter plus unplugging and plugging back in the receiver to set the selected tune.

An attractive blue light comes on when the transmitter button is pushed which provides user feedback that it was successfully pushed. With very low power LED's now available, I wonder if it would be practical for the transmitter's light to be made to stay on and flash when pushed? That would be handy.

When activated, a nice light comes on at the receiver, too--a potentially handy feature for use in a home with someone who is hearing impaired if the receiver is placed for that to be useful.

The current selling price on Amazon of $22.99 with free shipping makes this a no-brainer. Even if one or both parts stop working after time (which I do not expect), replacement is not costly.