OxyLED Rechargeable Bike Bicycle Cycling Safety Zone Tail Light

OxyLED Rechargeable Bike Bicycle Cycling Safety Zone Tail Light

From the product page on Amazon.com:
List Price:    $129.99
Price:    $16.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION
Value = RECOMMENDED with comments

I received this product for review.

The lights are very bright and are easy to use. Construction quality is good. Unfortunately, there is no charge indicator and the laser lines are not useful.  Correction (added later): There is an indicator on the charging adapter. Some people use trusted shared power adapters that meet common specs. My preference would be to have the charging indicator on the device instead of on the power adapter.

My first impression upon unboxing was very good. The heft and build quality are impressive considering the low cost.

The unit consists of 8 rear-facing LEDs (controlled by one push button switch) and two laser line projectors (controlled by another push button). The laser lines are aimed down which would, in theory, illuminate two parallel lines on the ground behind the biker. These two buttons are the only user input.

The battery was uncharged when it arrived. I was pleased to see that the USB recharge cable only has power pins, no data pins (as a rule I don't plug any USB device into my PC without protection. Important, see Every USB Device Under Threat. New Hack Is Undetectable And Unfixable which, happily, does not apply to this device). An A/C travel charger was also included.

The first thing I noticed upon plugging in the light for charging was...nothing. No indicator whatsoever that it was charging or the current state of charge. The Amazon description indicates an internal 1000 mAh 3.7V 14500-type battery. If we assume this is true (and I could not since it cannot be dissembled without damage) then we can calculate a charge time of at most 2.8 hours (assuming battery is totally dead, charged at the rate of 500 mA with 60% efficiency). 3 hours later I tried out.

The rear LEDs are very bright—so much so that I am having to work around green after-images while typing this review. The laser lines—not so much. A nice idea but they would not be visible during the day and at night they are overwhelmed by approaching car headlights. Still, it looks cool as one rides past bystanders.

The device has 6 modes controlled by the two push buttons. The lasers and rear LEDs are controlled independently.

Rear LEDs Quick Blink - On my review unit this resulted in the 8 rear LEDs blinking rapidly through several patterns in a loop. There were never more than 3 LEDs lit at any one moment so I would assume this provides the greatest battery life.

Rear LEDs Slow Blink - All 8 LEDs turn on (1/4 sec) and off (1/4 sec) repeatedly. In my opinion this is the best mode.

Rear LEDs Constant On

Laser Lane Indicator Slow Blink - Both lasers turn on (1/4 sec) and off (1/4 sec) repeatedly.

Laser Lane Indicator Fast Blink - Both lasers turn on (1/8 sec) and off (1/8 sec) repeatedly.

Laser Lane Indicator Constant On

The mounting hardware is unremarkable, doing its job as expected.  I appreciated the thumb screw used to attach the quick release mounting bracket to the seat post (instead of having to find an Allen wrench).