OxyLED Round LED Tap Light

OxyLED Round LED Tap Light

From the product page on Amazon.com:
List Price:    $59.99
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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

This indoor LED light is tapped on and off. An extended touch dims and brightens the light. It is very useful not having to find a switch or knob, especially when it mounted in a place that is out of view.

The image on the right, photographed from the documentation that came with the light, shows the effective tap area.

My wife adapted to its operation quickly. I had more difficulty initially as it capriciously responded to my taps and pressing. I finally realized that if it is mounted or resting on a solid surface, or even if I just place a thumb on the back of the light while I tap the front,it works consistently. In fact, now it is easy to turn on and off and dim.

The light dims and brightens smoothly up to a rated brightness of 55 lumens. It remembers the brightness last set and returns to that brightness the next time it is turned on. Nice.

A 3M stick pad is provided on the back of the light for convenience in mounting it where needed.


Now that I can operate it consistently I am finding it to be very useful. It is smaller and more convenient than a "push on the dome" LED light I own for the same purpose.