OxyLED 2-Pack Solar Powered LED Step Lights

OxyLED 2-Pack Solar Powered LED Step Lights

From the product page on Amazon.com:
List Price:    $99.99
Price:    $19.99 & FREE SHIPPING

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

This two-pack product, which was sent to me for review, is similar to the motion activated LED wall sconce found here. That light has a motion detector to determine when the light comes on at night. This product keeps the light on as soon as dusk arrives (for as long as the solar powered charge lasts each night). Both products are very useful.

These lights are about half the size of the motion detector light, making them convenient for installing on each step...or wherever you would like a light to come on every evening. Two are included with each purchase.

Since these lights are solar powered, they obviously need daytime access to direct sunlight in order to get a full charge for the coming night.

Made from a light (thin) stainless steel, these lights should hold up well outdoors.

The specs indicate that they will shine for "up to 8 hours" on a full solar charge. In my testing this proved to be true, still shining strongly after 7 hours when I hit the sack. The next night I left them out in the rain laying flat on a deck table getting the full rain experience. Tonight they are working normally.

These OxyLED Solar Powered LED Lights are simple, elegant, attractive, and competitively priced at $10 for each of two lights that come in a pack (the cost includes shipping and simple mounting hardware).