OxyLED LED Night Light With Sensor

OxyLED T-05 LED Night Light With Sensor

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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

he OxyLED is a good value. It lights up with sufficient luminosity to walk safely through a room or, in our case, to make night time drop offs in the laundry room. The motion detector specifies a detection range of 9 meters (just under 10 feet) and it truly meets that spec when facing mostly toward the moving person. If you approach it from the side the detection range is about a meter. So simply mount it where it more or less faces the likely movement. I've not had it long enough to know how long the three AA batteries last under normal usage, but since it will usually only come on for a short time, I expect the batteries will last a long time. Tip: to remove the battery cover, grasp the light in your fingers and while pressing the back side, slide it toward the switch. When the cover is removed you can see the label for the switch positions, on, off, and auto. Recommended.