OxyLED LED Outdoor Rechargeable Solar Light Area Lantern

OxyLED LED Outdoor Rechargeable Solar Lantern

From the product page on Amazon.com:
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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

This is an interesting lantern. We like it very much. It is lightweight, has an orange top to make it easier to find, a handle for carrying that also has a half loop end for hanging, and a convenient button. It even has what looks like a plastic drinking glass to diffuse the light from the LED built into the bottom of the lid. It would be very tempting to store items in that space to get dual use from the lantern. There is nothing preventing that other than weakening the light diffusion.

The switch toggles between low light, bright light, and off. Even the low light is sufficient for reading. It has a charging jack and comes with an a/c charger.

Having such a handy solar charging light is nice. We're glad to have it. A good price, too.