MEMTEQ 51W 4-Port USB Rapid Car Charger

MEMTEQ 51W 4-Port USB Rapid Car Charger

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Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

This charger is attractively designed in a small form factor and appears to have quality construction.

My original Verizon brand USB car chargers stick far out of the car's charging port, interfering with the gear shift on one of my vehicles. So I appreciate the small form factor of this style of car charger.

If you're into bling, it is clear when this charger is working as internal "alien green" lights shine through the ports. Other chargers I've tested have a tiny LED that is hard to see.

I purchased a USB multimeter and tested the charging on my devices. The intelligent charging function of this charger works, limiting the charging to my devices to each of their maximum current requirements. So for my devices, there was no difference between the 2.4A ports and the "quick charge" port. A Samsung Galaxy S5 charged at about 1 amp, a Nexus 7 2013 at about 1.1 amp (both slightly fluctuating), and my LG G2 apparently charges in somewhat of a square wave manner, fluctuating constantly from about .5 amp to about 1 amp (with variations in that range and the average dropping after a short time of charging, more so when nearing a full charge (the latter expected). It may be that my amp meter is not updating the digital display continuously, catching the current measurement at different points of the "square" wave slopes, making it seem like the current is wildly fluctuating.

Now, if only Chinese companies would hire native English writers for their marketing and user guide content. Fortunately, for this product it doesn't matter.