iClever Magnet Air Vent Phone Holder

iClever Magnet Air Vent Phone holder

From the product page on Amazon.com:
Price:    $14.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

See also my review of the earlier model IC-CH05 at iClever Magnet Car Holder for Smartphone.

I have loved using my older model. Now this new model has been improved so that it is even better. I have been so impressed with this model that I purchased two more as Christmas presents.

This model has a clamp that can open and close onto the car's vent blade, providing a stronger grip which prevents it from coming off when the phone is removed.

The magnetic surface is larger (stronger magnetic field) which is good for the larger contemporary phones.

Finally, this model swivels. I find this very nice, being able to aim it toward me for a clearer view of the phone screen.

In the winter I recommend avoiding an air vent setting that pushes hot air out of the front vents (which would also push hot air on the phone). In the summer it's nice to have cool air blowing across the phone.