Oasis of the Seas vs. Hurricane Irma

Cruising the Western Caribbean on Oasis of the Seas when Hurricane Irma Strikes

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Friction Factor = LOW FRICTION

This cruise experience was on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, our second Oasis cruise (the first was in April 2012). Adding hurricane Irma to the mix, this was a cruise to be remembered, in a very positive way for us.

See also our earlier article about Oasis of the Seas Cruise, Western Caribbean. That article has a lot of detail with information that is hopefully helpful to everyone for either of these ships. It also has sections that may be of special interest to first-time cruisers.

Another article about our May 2014 cruise on Allure of the Seas focuses on particular details about Allure and our activities on this cruise. Included with that article is a comprehensive video tour: Allure of the Seas Cruise, Eastern Caribbean.

I hope you enjoy the video below about our amazing and wonderful 2017 cruise on Oasis of the Seas as we dodged hurricane Irma. Originally the video title was the same as that of this article. I hoped it would attract viewers who would then be impressed at how wonderful Royal Caribbean handled this situation. However, a number of Youtubers took exception to it and were disappointed when it turned out not to be about a cruise ship in the bowels of a hurricane. The description of the video had not been changed, but most viewers apparently do not see those. A lesson to me, but it was exciting at the beginning to see my video hitting huge viewing numbers.

For the best view, click here to watch it on YouTube.